A Place For Healing Grace

Performance date: February 11, 2024

A Place For Healing Grace lyrics:

There are ripples of grace
as we mirror God’s face
to the ones who are scarred by sin.

May we choose to embrace
and humbly erase all the marks
they have made within our hearts.

Let forgiveness start.
This is the place
for healing grace.

There are rivers of peace
when to self we decrease,
and we focus on those in need.

Let us make this our creed.
“Hungry souls we will feed,”
as we strive to show Christ in a unity

Help our eyes to see
that through Your Son,
we serve as one!

Let our beacon of Light
blaze a pathway in spite
of the times we let You down.

Take our flaws and mistakes,
something new You’ll create
a reminder of our call:

To show Your oceans of live,
crashing waves from above
to all people who thirst for more.

Let our passion for You
shine in all that we do,
so the hope that You’ll bring can’t be ignored.

Lives will be restored
this is the place for healing grace.
Lord may we show Your healing grace.